The aim of PrinceR Trade Kft. is to fully meet the quality demands of its customers and other business partners, and thus to become one of the most competitive companies in foreign trade

In order to increase our customers’ trust and satisfaction, we permanently provide good quality products, with short delivery times, and try to be flexible to our customers


RRegarding the portfolio, the company was founded by experts with a 10 years long, foreign trading past and considerable experience. The aim was to fully meet customers’ needs at a high level. Most of our sales realized innterior, however we have customers in Ukraine, Romania and Serbia as well.

Our Suppliers, Manufacturers

The company, as a Foreign Trading Corporation, sell goods from American, Italian, Austrian and Japanese manufacturers, inland and the nearby Countries. The volume of our Hungarian Suppliers purchases is less than 10% of the total.

The activity of PrinceR Trade Kft. can be divided into three main fields

  • cable processing
  • industrial diagnostics
  • soldering technique
PrinceR Trade Kft. provides the exclusive Hungarian representation of a company that manufactures high quality products in all the four fields. A positive consequence of this is that in the case of special technical problems emerging on the customer side, the technical expert of the production company responsible for problems is immediately available. On the other hand, products directly arrive at customers from their manufacturing place, which excludes the different cost increasing factors such as distributors or buying up.Through its existing and future connections, We provides repair work coordination to Hungarian companies in the fields of repairing low voltage AC/DC engines, medium voltage DC engines and generators, high voltage AC engines and oil transformers, as well as railway motors, generators and driving gears.

Cable processing

We import cable processing machines from J.A.M. Japan, cutting and stripping blades from Lakes Precision USA and CFMs from OES Canada. PrinceR Trade Kft. is the exclusive representative of these three company in not only Hungary but in Romania,Serbia,Slovakia and Ukraine as well. Our company has a contracted partner in Romania, all the other therritories supported from Hungary. 80% of our customers of  in the field of cable processing come from multinational car industrial suppliers. The greatest ones of them are LEAR Corporation Hungary Kft., Delphi Connection Systems Hungary Kft., Yazaki Ukraine LLC.

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Industrial diagnostics

Importing of measuring instruments needed for status monitoring and adjustment of rotating machines (engines, generators, transformers), medium and high voltage cables used in electrical industry; and for maintenance planning (setting alignment, vibration diagnostics, Tangent Delta (TD), partial discharge test (PD), oil breakdown testing). In this field our major customers are the repairing plants of power plants. Our company performs a complex sales activity – finding, qualifying of manufacturers, importing of products to be delivered, freight organisation, through the introduction and sales of the products in the Hungarian market.

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Soldering technique

Our company is the exclusive Hungarian representative of Oxyweld gas generator (a soldering and welding equipment operated with the help of water and electricity) and the solder manufacturer company MBO.

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Cable processing
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Industrial diagnostics
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